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P0rn & C0|_|nt3r $tr1k3

What more can a girl ask for?

28 May
I have decided that this journal shall be for writing and general venting, contrary to the name I am not married, but someone already took Ms_Gingerbread damn that person *shakes fist*. I am a girl and I am going to school - I am majoring in history. I recently discovered CounterStrike and I am hooked, granted I am not as good as some people who started when it first came out but I can hold my own - and make light the fact that sometimes I am a slobbering n00b.

As I mentioned before this journal is for writing, which I use to do quite a bit - but have really slacked off since I have been rather happy now adays then when I was once writing.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.